joi, 28 iunie 2007

Charlotte I

Since nothing spectacular almost ever happens to me, I feel telling you, guys, 'bout "The Extraordinary Adventures of Charlotte" might be quite worthwhile and exciting. (I think "challenging" may be the right word here, but hey...I'll let you be the judge of that)
Lemme first tell you who the hell Charlotte is. Well, Charlotte is a 70 year old ma'am who is volunteering around the world (she's volunteered in 29 countries since she retired) with Global Volunteers. She's done teaching in Vietnam, taken care of urangutans and chimps in Tanzania, worked with babies in Tutova, helped a family of archaeologists in Costa Rica and joined the army for a month when she was in her 50s.
Now that you've met Charlotte, please let me tell you about her project in India. To begin with, she said she was absofuckinlutely thrilled with all the culture clips, with the Taj Mahal and with the friendliness of most ppl. Anyways, the project she was takin' part in was organized by Earth Watch and it consisted of gathering all the information a team could get about a holliday (somehow resemblin' Iom Kippur. Friends know why.) when ppl HAD TO feel sorry for their sins.
Thing was...these guys had to perform all sorts of unusual tasks while feeling sorry for their on hot coals, hanging themselves by their feet above a raging fire... However, the most freaky show, our dear Charlotte had to face, was a mass of people literally running through the desert with a 5 year-old girl in a pillow case;those people were part of a tribe which still believed in human sacrifice.
The horrendousness of the happening was terribly increased as one man tried to save the girl from being fiercely murdered; he ended up beaten to death, sacrificed instead of the little girl.

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