sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2007

Number 23

Cos only lately I decided to spend some time and drink some (too much) Coke in front of a PC screen, watchin' a movie, I said "Hey, dudette, get somethin' useful outta this" And so PseudoCinemateca apeeared. I'm gonna talk 'bout (duuuh!) movies, the ones I loved, the ones I liked, the ones I've hated and the ones I've..damnit I've run out of feelings 2wards movies.

P.S: Any of the reviews is not to be taken 100% seriously for the opinions are fairly personal and the layout does not cover all the points. Only the ones I could still remember after 24 hours.

Now, my first movie to get a short review will be ze lucky "Number 23"
Full Title: Number 23

PLOT: At first sight, it seems almost chaotic because the main purpose of the way the characters act and manage their lives appears to be messing up your mind. 30 minutes later, one can hardly understand anything, but 31 minutes later it catches a gripping shape. The main character (a dog catcher) becomes the object of a curse based on various implications the number 23 has, only to discover he has created the curse himself. (that's the best part)
Characters: Interesting characters to follow, especially the protagonist whom a new Jim Carrey has embodied almost perfectly. If I were to state an opinion, Carrey played his part correctly without too much talent, making the character somewhat enjoyable. The other characters don't really stand out; they're just there to enhance and reinforce the attitude and profile of the protagonist.
Overall: "Numer 23" is a movie that should be watched. If not for the excellent documentation as far as "23" is concerned, then just for the heck of the experiment, that is seing Carrey playing the tough guy.

Plot: ***** (ingeniously designed)
Characters: *** (not too brilliant)
Audio: **** (well chosen, gorgeous music)
Special Effects: *** (they get fairy-tale like here and here)

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Anonim spunea...

Adoro tus calificaciones :) acerca de esta película. Yo no he podido ver la pelicula de 'Número 23' pero con esta crítica tan buena que le has hecho, ya me han dado ánimos por verla pronto (n_n).

Anonim spunea...

uite ,de asta eu m-am uita la number 24 k e mai frumos decat 23 :D ti-l recomand si tie ..ptr a te destinde putin si a mai zambi