sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2007

Charlotte II

Episode II of the "Wonderful Adventures of Charlotte" begins in Romania.
In June 2007 she spent about 3 weeks in a hotel in Barlad (for those who know, it's the newest in town, fancy-shmancy-3-star hotel) and every time she met me she would give another fearful feedback on how bad the food was, on how she could get no extra soap without payin' for it and on how the elevator would only work 10 mins a day. Cool, ain't it?
As if THAT was not enough, a day before going home, she managed to get indigestion and couldn't get out of bed for the entire day.
Her last exact words about the hotel were "This whole place is a friggin' joke!"
Sooooooooo..at the end of this..I, as citizen of the wondrous place known by the name of Barlad, can only say "Hip Hip Horray!"

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